Derek Bradley Profile

Derek Bradley, CEO Panacea

Derek Bradley is the founder and ceo of Panacea Adviser, the online community and resource for small, directly regulated Advisers.

Derek set up Panacea Adviser to address the widening gap between the resource support offered by most if not all distributors to a major yet now neglected distribution channel- the smaller DA Adviser.

After an early career at Lloyd’s of London, he went on to join a pre-cursor of British Airways, BOAC as cabin crew where he learned a lot about the importance of customer service, something reinforced during his time as a broker consultant at Scottish Equitable.

Derek went on to set up his own successful Adviser business which he ran for 18 years before selling it in 2006.

Despite retiring to Spain, Derek spotted an opportunity to provide a better service to smaller, directly authorised Advisers and in 2007 Panacea Adviser was born.

Derek says:
“We wanted a coffee shop atmosphere, recreating some of the early Lloyds coffee shop raison d’être, a place where like-minded people can access intelligence, education and business opportunities. We then combined that with a delivery vehicle- our portal, to allow product providers to enter or re-enter the world of the small directly authorised adviser.”

Born: Southend on Sea
Lives: Berkshire
Likes: Swimming, Sailing, Skiing, Cycling, being creative, standing up for those who have no voice, reading and writing
Dislikes: The words ‘no’ and ‘can’t’!
Books:  History and biographies
Film: Apocalypse Now
Album: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Anthology 
Career Ambition- Create a legacy for the industry with Panacea
Life ambition- To keep healthy and creative