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Launched in February 2007, Panacea Adviser (Panacea) is a unique and free resource that supports financial advisers, mortgage brokers and paraplanners by providing free online access to the very latest tools, calculators, research, educational support and business development ideas from product providers and support services all in one place.

The site has established an active community where advisers, paraplanners, brokers and providers alike can engage in debates and discussions affecting their business, where concerns are voiced and the necessary support provided - all for free.

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Latest Panacea Adviser articles

Every one a 'go-er'
In Arthur Daley's Guide to Doing It Right, Arthur offers advice on " how to buy and sell a motor amongst many other things.But one thing he did not offer advioce on was PCP (Personal Contract Purchase). ...more >
December 13, 2017

The conundrum of Robo Responsibility
There is a move afoot to bring the delivery of financial advice into the 21st century. After all with the smart phone, tablet and virtual reality all breaking through boundaries, why should financial advice not find itself in the vanguard of change? ...more >
November 21, 2017

Who are the most influential financial service tweeters in the UK?
We launched our first annual ‘Top Tweeter’ awards in 2014 and every year they have proven popular so once again we are running a competition to see which financial services pros are at the top of their Twitter game as 2017 draws to a close. ...more >
November 16, 2017

Yeah, no worries, cool
Last month the FCA announced that it was working with the regulatory risk analytics firm, Corlytics, to develop an “intelligent regulatory handbook” for the FCA in what it says is a world first. ...more >
November 15, 2017

Strange days indeed
The last couple of weeks since Harvey W got into trouble we have seen an extraordinary meltdown in the retrospective world of #metoo I have borrowed from a really famous quote by Martin Niemoller, a protestant pastor, who became famous as an outspoken critic of Adolf Hitler. He spent some seven years in various concentration camps for his trouble. ...more >
November 2, 2017

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