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Launched in February 2007, Panacea Adviser (Panacea) is a unique and free resource that supports financial advisers, mortgage brokers and paraplanners by providing free online access to the very latest tools, calculators, research, educational support and business development ideas from product providers and support services all in one place.

The site has established an active community where advisers, paraplanners, brokers and providers alike can engage in debates and discussions affecting their business, where concerns are voiced and the necessary support provided - all for free.

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In November 2017, the now ‘late’ Professor Stephen Hawking issued a chilling warning about the imminent rise of artificial intelligence. During the interview, Professor Hawking warned that AI will soon reach a level where it will be a 'new form of life that will outperform humans.' There is a move afoot to bring the delivery of financial advice into the 21st century. After all, with the smart phone, tablet and virtual reality all breaking through boundaries, why should financial advice not find itself in the vanguard of change? ...more >
September 19, 2018

That fickle finger of fate
The Panacea community as you may expect, is made up mostly of men, recent research would suggest 93%. The age demographic is that 45% are within the 50-59 age group and 24% are over 60. ...more >
September 11, 2018

Who needs Arnie when you have this lot
There is an advert I heard on the radio for an organisation called Money Redress. Their campaign focussed on the miss selling of SIPPS, the hot topic today, passing by PPI and with much higher rewards. The firm is not alone, in BBC speak, other claims companies are available. ...more >
September 4, 2018

Who pays for this? Answer, regulated firms do.
FOS complaints about SIPP’s have almost doubled in numbers over the past 12 months. ...more >
August 22, 2018

FOS treating IFAs as 'guilty until proven innocent'
Did you believe the FOS help complainants create a complaint where none existed? This was just one of 15 questions in our current FOS survey. We had 212 respondents. As with all our surveys, it is the comments that make for such interesting reading. Many thanks to all of you who completed the survey and for the hundreds of really inciteful comments that really put some flesh on the answer bones. ...more >
August 16, 2018

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