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Launched in February 2007, Panacea Adviser (Panacea) is a unique and free resource that supports financial advisers, mortgage brokers and paraplanners by providing free online access to the very latest tools, calculators, research, educational support and business development ideas from product providers and support services all in one place.

The site has established an active community where advisers, paraplanners, brokers and providers alike can engage in debates and discussions affecting their business, where concerns are voiced and the necessary support provided - all for free.

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Latest Panacea Adviser articles

We had to destroy Ben Tre in order to save it
For those not old enough to know too much about the U.S. involvement in the 1960’s Vietnam war, and some of the madness surrounding it, this quote has gone down in history as an example of the some of the insanity that was Vietnam.  As with many examples of madness in what should be a sane world, this quote, which I was reminded of recently, is well worth considering alongside Callum McCarthy’s 6 pillars of wisdom speech at Gleneagles in September 2006. ...more >
April 24, 2017

We’ve got to start thinking beyond our guns- those days are closing’ fast
When contemplating the future of the financial advice industry, I can’t help but be reminded of the late sixties movie The Wild Bunch. Set in 1913 Texas, the film follows an ageing gang of outlaws looking for one final score as the traditional American West disappears around them. ...more >
March 13, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Panacea Adviser
In February 2017 Panacea Adviser celebrates it’s 10th birthday and what a ride it has been, from humble beginnings to over 25,000 individuals today that influences control over half of all assets under management in the UK advisory space! ...more >
February 21, 2017

Compliance and the Stupidity Paradox
Compliance is an important part of the whole world of financial services and indeed many other worlds of business and governments. ...more >
February 13, 2017

What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want
I have borrowed for inspiration from a quote from Mignon McLaughlin who wrote ‘The Neurotic's Notebook 1960’ as I think it sums up very well where we are in the UK right now both in a society sense and a financial services sense. ...more >
February 3, 2017

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