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Launched in February 2007, Panacea Adviser (Panacea) is a unique and free resource that supports financial advisers, mortgage brokers and paraplanners by providing free online access to the very latest tools, calculators, research, educational support and business development ideas from product providers and support services all in one place.

The site has established an active community where advisers, paraplanners, brokers and providers alike can engage in debates and discussions affecting their business, where concerns are voiced and the necessary support provided - all for free.

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Latest Panacea Adviser articles

We don’t need no stinking badges. Oh yes you do, now
CMC’s are about to have some insights into what regulatory reality should be about. The word from ‘Endeavour Square is that "We will be out, and we are starting to think which firms we're going to visit in the next days and weeks.". Many will be aware of all the work done since July 2012 with the MoJ’s Kevin Roussell by Alan Lakey and I to root out this scourge. Sadly for Kevin he died just before his work went live. ...more >
May 23, 2019

Trains, planes and phone awareness month?
Have phones at work become the new ‘smoking in the workplace’? Mobiles are everywhere today, you cannot escape them. In the office, on the train, in the street, the office, airplanes, the underground, cinema, restaurants, theatre, gym, sauna. My latest encounter was only last week, a steam room at my gym where the texting user when asked if it was appropriate to have a mobile in such a place advised me it was ‘waterproof’, an amazing example of not getting the consideration for others point. ...more >
May 8, 2019

FOS compensation hike. Hand me the black cap, will you.
We highlighted in November the need for firms to respond to an FCA consultation on a proposed FOS compensation limit hike of 200k taking the maximum pay-out to £350k. It was announced with very little time to respond. The consultation opened 16 Oct and closed 21 Dec so slightly over two months. Just one hundred firms, including Panacea responded ...more >
March 20, 2019

Ethics matters
Financial advisers are fiercely proud of what they do and since RDR, most are 100% fee-based businesses. All are professional and most aspire to be treated as a profession. I have not been an IFA for over 14 years, as many of you will know, but I have always been fascinated with how firms present themselves and their proposition to their clients and prospective clients. And how that proposition can appear to competitors ...more >
March 4, 2019

Can anyone imagine a large UK business being run like this?
Some headlines from last week to make you feel proud about British democracy, values and standards. 1. "May faces 'high noon' Cabinet meltdown on Brexit” 2. “Philip Hammond refuses to rule out QUITTING if the UK leaves the EU without a deal” 3. “Rudd threatens to walk out to back Remainer revolt" Now for a scenario to imagine as you look around your office today. ...more >
January 28, 2019

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